Explaining No-hassle Corsetry Solutions

corset making

Meyer has designed and constructed many corsets. She likes the precise work which requires a lot of shaping and measuring to make one that fits perfectly. "I learn from every corset, outfit or costume that I make, and every piece is better than the last one in some way," she says. "My most recent corset, spurred by an idea for a blog post, is customized from an 1860 pattern and is now my choice for underneath my Victorian looks." Meyer, who graduated from Alverno College in 2008, started Twilight Attire in 1998. Over the years, she has created costumes for a variety of local theater productions. Although she really enjoys costuming for theatrical productions, she does not always have the time – and local theater groups do not always have the budgets – for costume designers. With these things in mind, she developed a special costume consulting service. Convenient Corset Steel Boning Solutions For 2017"This generally includes discussion of characters, historical or situational research, sketches and advice on how to create the suggested designs on a budget with specified resources," says Meyer. "I'm hoping that this will help theater groups who may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of designing a show on their own but don't have the funds to hire a full time costume designer." Recently, Meyer was asked by designer Timothy Westbrook to be a guest designer for his " Paleontology of a Woman " fashion show.

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